Hasselhoff Uses Stardom To Score A Wii — How The Mighty Have Fallen

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Look, I get that the Wii is a scarce commodity — more so a year ago when actor David Hasselhoff was looking to buy one — but playing the Knight Rider card? Really?


In a partially-transcribed interview with MTV Multiplayer, the ex-Baywatch star details his *ahem* harrowing struggle to obtain the coveted console for his little daughter when faced with supposedly sold out Wii stock.

Hasselhoff recounts his playing of the celebrity card...

"This is David Hasselhoff, okay? I've got a daughter. I love my daughter, more than life itself. This is all she wants, okay? I don't know if you realize it but I'm going through a rough time right now. And so [laughs] this could really help me help my daughter."

And they said: "This is not David Hasselhoff."

I said, "Do you have one game, in the back, that you've held?"

They said, "We do."

[I said] "Hold that game. I will be over in 30 minutes." I jumped in my car and drove over.

The guy goes: "Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? Knight Rider! Dude!" And then, forget it, any game I wanted. I got the Wii game.

Yes, that's right — he called it "Wii game." But don't judge Hasselhoff too harshly; his was a simpler generation of babes in bathing suits. And his next film, The Legend of the Dancing Ninja, presumably has ninjas in it. That's cool right?

*reads plot synopsis on IMDB*

On second thought, judge away. Don't even wait for Stephen Totilo to finish posting the interview.

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Heh, I thought he would have been compensated at least moderately for red alert 3. But hey, I thought his cameo in dodgeball was at least worth a free game, a console no. But any wii title, yes.