Hasbro Family Game Night 2: Game Harder

EA is delivering a second round of Hasbro board and puzzle game goodness to the Nintendo Wii this fall with Hasbro Family Game Night 2.

Building on the success of their first game night outing, Hasbro and EA are bringing five new old games to the Wii in Family Game Night 2. Headlining or perhaps flatlining the compilation, depending on how you play, is the classic board game Operation, which teaches children it's perfectly fine to remove a man's organs as long as his nose doesn't glow red. The rest of the titles are comparatively new, with Bop-It, Pictureka, Connect 4X4 (ouch) and Jenga, which makes this the second Jenga game available for the Wii.


Families and friends will be able to play the games in classic mode or the brand new "Hasbro Family Game Show" format, which has Mr. Potato Head hosting and players spinning a challenge wheel for a chance at big prizes.

Announced in conjunction with Game Night 2 is Hasbro Family Game Night for the Nintendo DS, featuring the same games from the first game in convenient portable form.

I make fun of the game, but I really appreciate the two companies' efforts to bring back the tradition of family game night in an easily digestible digital format. I probably could have done without a second dose of Jenga, but all in all it sounds like a nice collection.

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