Hasbro Drops Scrabulous Lawsuit

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RJ Softwares, the creators of the popular Facebook game Scrabulous, can now rest easy as Hasbro drops the copyright infringement lawsuit they filed in order to protect their precious Scrabble.

The lawsuit came about after Hasbro's requests to Facebook to remove the Scrabble homage went unanswered back in January of this year. Days after the lawsuit hit, the creator's of Scrabulous removed the game themselves, replacing it soon after with a retooled version in the form of Wordscraper, removing the game's obvious Scrabble design influence.


While court documents didn't specify a reason for Hasbro's withdraw, it is most likely that the changes made did the trick. The massive popularity of their official Facebook Scrabble game probably helped. Now Facebook users can finally get back to worrying about more important things, like taking movie quizzes.

Hasbro drops suit over Scrabble-clone Scrabulous [Mobile News Network]

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The Fourth Horseman

What a waste of time to file a lawsuit on a non-profit rip off of the game.