Hasbro Assembles Two Waves Of Avengers: Infinity War Figures

Welcome Axe Thor, Blonde Black Widow and Cull Obsidian to the Marvel Legends line-up.
Welcome Axe Thor, Blonde Black Widow and Cull Obsidian to the Marvel Legends line-up.

A movie so big it’s split into two parts is going to have at least two waves of Marvel Legends action figures. Here’s a look at the 15 figures from comics and movies making up series one and two of Hasbro’s Avengers: Infinity War  line, including a trio of exclusive reveals (hint: look up).


Hasbro’s been slowly revealing the figure lineup for these two waves over the past year, showcasing characters at San Diego Comic-Con, Hascon, New York Comic-Con and last month’s Toy Fair in New York City. But with the Marvel: Universe Unites charity event in full-swing leading to the March 3 launch of tons of movie-related merch, the time for slow reveals has passed.

First, here’s a look at all eight figures in Avengers: Infinity War wave one. Though the line is due out on March 3, the toys are already circulating on auction sites. That’s fine, we’ve still got the first look at the official images for Bearded Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Spider, Proxima Midnight and her build-a-figure boss, Thanos the Freshmaker.

Then we have the second wave, coming later in the year, featuring characters from the comic books, the upcoming Ant-Man sequel and three characters from Avengers: Infinity War, which we’re revealing for the first time right here. Well, we revealed them up at the top of the post. You can see Thor, Black Widow and Cull Obsidian again in the slideshow below, along with some insect friends and a gloriously insane-looking dark elf.

Look for these figures and more to be all over my desk in the coming months.

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Are those supposed to look like the actual actors, or are they merely inspired by their appearances? Because that Black Widow figure is distractingly “off model” if it’s the former.