Has Anyone Seen Inglourious Basterds or District 9?

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

The worst thing about living in Japan is that we usually get foreign movies late, way wait. We do get Japanese movies earlier than everywhere else, which is great when there's a fantastic film out.

Interested in seeing Inglourious Basterds and District 9, but they're not out here. Anyone see 'em? Thoughts? Impressions? Snuggles?

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I saw it recently and had a few observations with heavy spoilers below:

1) Tried to be a bit of a toned-down Cloverfield-style film making. It was ok but it's getting passe'

2) The special effects for the aliens was amazing. Absolutely flawless integration into the live-action stuff.

3) Typical Peter Jackson movie in that it took for-freaking-ever to finally get to the story. The first 30-minutes of the movie could have been condensed into 5-8 minutes.

4) The whole "Reverse Engineering Weaponry" sub-story seemed lame. It was totally the typical liberal "Corporate Entities are always evil" story over and over again. This point of view has been driven home over and over again and frankly I am sick of it. Fine, humans are oppressing the Prawns for their technology and of course it has to be for weapons, couldn't have been trying to figure out their space travel technology or medical technologies. Nope, weapons.

5) So let me get this straight. The Same chemical that is used to power the shuttle craft just happens to also have the side effect of mutating human DNA into a Prawn? Sorry, too convenient. Honestly I saw this as lazy writing and a cop out.

6) While I saw the whole weapons thing lame I must say that the alien weaponry was damned cool to see work.

7) If the main character's DNA was being re-written to be a prawn would it not also restructure and reorganize how his brain is laid out to make it like a prawn's? If so would it not affect his memories?

8) There was no conclusion to the story. I hate this about Peter Jackson movies. Look at Star Wars EP 4-6. Each movie could realistically stand in its own, even ESB. Give me a start, a middle, and an end.

I will say it was a neat movie, better than most I've seen recently. I liked it better than Star Trek, better than Harry Potter but I will say I enjoyed Terminator- Salvation better. It did have that Cloverfield feel to it along with a bit of Alien Nation (Loved the series fwiw). I thought the effects were wonderful, specifically the attention to detail in the Prawn's anatomy. Would I see it again? Eh, maybe on Blu-Ray to get the behind the scenes stuff but that would be it.