Harmonix's new, (semi)endless runner is now available for free at iTunes. See 20 minutes of gameplay below to see if it's worth a download:

From the makers of ROCK BAND and DANCE CENTRAL…This is RECORD RUN!

Record Run puts you in the middle of your music, chasing records and dodging obstacles to the beat in a crazy musical world. With gameplay levels created from songs you load into the game, this is a whole new way to run!

Choose your runner from a fun cast of characters and jump, duck and dodge through the city on your way to high-scores! Collect records as you run to get awesome upgrades and unlocks!

Record Run features an amazing hand-painted art style, characters with tons of personality, and moment-to-moment gameplay that’s deeply musical and crazy fun. Users add songs from the music library on their device and run through levels created on the spot by all new Harmonix magic. Unlock content and currency through a series of exciting “missions” that track your progress and transform the city into an amazing “Groove World".



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