Harmonix' Dance Central Could Come to PS3, But Not Wii

One of the of the most important games of E3, Dance Central, may not be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

I ran into some of the Harmonix folks last week during a rooftop party for Kinect in downtown Los Angeles and among the group was studio co-founder Alex Rigopulos.


As you can imagine, Rigopulos is a big fan of his Kinect-powered dancing game, Dance Central. As am I. I told Rigopulos that I thought the title could become as culturally relevant as Guitar Hero and Rock Band become. He did not disagree.

Could you see people playing this in a bar, I asked?

Rigopulos said he could, that he hopes his game kicks off a revolution of not just dancing, but choreographed dancing. Dance fights! Could there be dance fights? He didn't take the bait.


But, he did talk about the possibility of the motion-sensing, dance-teaching game coming to other platforms.

Harmonix does not strike me as the sort of studio that makes exclusive titles. Why would they be? It cuts down on their audience and their profits.


Rigopulos said that the team is looking into the possibility of bringing Dance Central to the Playstation 3 with the help of Move. We think it's possible, he said.

The Wii? Not a chance, he said. Its motion tracking doesn't collect enough data and track things in a way that could translate into the sort of dance game that Harmonix would want to make.


Sorry Wii owners, you're going to have to sit this revolution out.

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Bringing Dance Central to PS3 with the help of the Move, eh? Will they retitle it Baton Hero?