Hardcore Dude Defeats Dark Souls in Under 90 Minutes

Dark Souls is a difficult game. It takes time—days, weeks, sleepless nights. That is, unless you're player twilightRTA. Then you can apparently finish the game in under ninety minutes.

The game's spiritual predecessor, Demon's Souls, was also subject to incredible speedruns. One dude beat it in about an hour.


In the Dark Souls speedrun, twilightRTA races through the game as a necromancer, not stopping to smell the roses and making quick work of seemingly every foe thrown his way.

Check out the videos below. There's lots of running, lots of killing, and lots of badassery. Read Kotaku's review here.

Dark Souls beaten in 1 hour 26 minutes; [GamingBolt via N4G Thanks, Jason!]

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