Hard drives made in Minecraft You'd Need to Have to Store Minecraft in Minecraft

I love seeing what people can do with Minecraft. From starships to functional processors, it shows the power and ingenuity of people when given a practically unlimited environment. This latest one is right up there with my all-time favorites, as a fully functional "hard drive" that can hold up to 1KB.

There's even a semi-detailed explanation for how it works, and plenty of screens and gifs here. A few of the better bits have been included below.

Here's the view of the entire drive.


It works because redstone, a material in Minecraft, can carry signals in much the same way as electrical wire.

More importantly, redstone signals propagate only through opaque blocks. By using a piston to switch between the two, Minecraft players can use redstone to recreate binary ‚Äď the language of computers.


Unfortunately the drive has to be operated manually. Pulling enough data to represent one letter would take 0.8 seconds, which is almost a billion times slower than a real hard drive. You won't be playing games on this anytime soon, but it's still really cool, yeah?


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