To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Don't Go Outside Much Really (FYI, Holiday Decorations Are Up) Yeah, I noticed that Halloween seems to be catching on in Japan as well, while I was there. We helped Trish’s brother host a couple of Halloween parties at his language school and I noticed a lot more decorations and costumes on sale in the stores. Kiddy Land, a great place to shop for neat Japanese toys, was giving away candy to kids with each purchase on every floor when we went by there. Halloween is huge in the U.S. of course, and showing no signs of declining in popularity. We were invited to a few parties tonight but we’re foregoing all of them to take Tristan around Trick or Treating. I’ve always felt like ToTing is one of the best father/son bonding experiences around. Before we go house to house we’re going to be eating Mummy Hot Dogs and Pumpkin Pizzas, the former we’re making the latter is being sold by a local pizza shop. You know you’re a popular holiday when people start making pizzas in your honor. What you missed: EA: Getting Banned In Forums Does Not Get You Banned In Our Games EA: Spielberg's Game Still Alive Stan Bush, The Touch, And The Missile Command Kill Screen It's the Great Gaming Pumpkins How Gaming Is Approaching Uncanny Valley Five True Tales Of Gamer Horror Nintendo Reveals New DSi WarioWare, Art Style Games Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Review: A Tangled Web


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