Happy Early Easter

To: Owen
From: Crecente

One of the big benefits of no longer working as a night police reporter at a daily newspaper is that I don't end up working just about every holiday and many weekends. Remember how much that sucked? I used to never get any long weekend with my family. Now? Now I can take off a bit early on a Friday if I have a laptop and cell dongle.


As I type this I'm riding shotgun in the family van, listening to Weird Science and working. Trish, Tristan, the three dogs and I are headed to the mountains to spend Easter with my mom, step-dad, step-sister-in-law, her son and two other dogs. Yes! Five dogs! And one is a Great Dane. FUN!!!

Don't forget that the iPad is launching on Saturday. Fahey is having one delivered to his house in the morn and will regale us with tales of its unboxing, use and pants stuffing. He promises.


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You just wanted to beat the other posters to wishing us a Happy Easter... you're so sly sir.

Happy Easter!