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Happy 25th Anniversary Capcom!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

25 years ago today, CAPCOM Co., Ltd.was established in Hirano, Osaka for the purposes of selling software. Now it's two and a half decades later and Capcom is still going strong, with flagship franchises like Street Fighter more popular than ever, and old favorites like Bionic Commando ready to reclaim their popularity in this anniversary year. In celebration, Capcom CEO Kenzou Tsujimoto has released a special message to fans and investors (mainly investors) thanking them for their support and pledging continued success in the future, along with the image you see here.

If you squint and suddenly gain the ability to read Japanese you'll notice the in the bottom right hand of the image they list the Clock Tower movie for a 2009 release and the Onimusha movie for 2011, joining Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li as part of some freaky Capcom movie triple-play.

Either way, Happy Birthday, Capcom! Meet you back here in another 25 for the release of Street Fighter VI!


Happy Birthday to Us! [Capcom Community Blog]