I mean, she should be right? The Dark Knight's always beating up on her puddin' and spoiling all her psychotic, malicious fun. But, darn if she doesn't look downright flirty here, in a new statue coming from DC Collectibles. The piece—sculpted by Jack Matthews—stands about 9.25 inches tall and sports the character design that debuted in the Harley-centric DLC that came out for Batman: Arkham City earlier this past summer.

Come to think about it, Harley—who celebrates a 20th anniversary after being introduced in the classic Batman animated series in 1992—knows better than to bat her eyelashes at Bruce Wayne's masked alter ego. She knows what her beloved Mr. J—who's tattooed right there on her hip— would do to her if she even entertained the thought. So, have a party, Dr. Quinnzel. Try not to kill anybody, okay?