Hanging Out With Titanfall's Grunts Can Be Pretty Entertaining

We've talked about how Titanfall's NPCs make sure there's always something happening and there's always someone to shoot. But the "grunts" also have their own dialogue, and it's something more reminiscent of Halo than Call of Duty.


You might notice when you're near a group of grunts that they call out things like "Enemy pilot spotted!" or "door clear!". It isn't just limited to random battle chatter though. Sometimes when you approach a group of grunts, you'll hear them notice "friendly pilot coming through". There are a bunch of these lines that are written to drive home the idea that pilots are a level beyond the average soldier, almost like Master Chief.


The grunts don't just make you feel awesome, they also have conversations of their own, about hitting the gym, or why they signed up for the militia. Take a look at the video to hear all the weird stuff they come up with.

Did you hear any lines that weren't in the video? Leave them in the comments!

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Part of me abhors the idea of having AI grunts in the game, making the multiplayer so much easier and making everyone seem like they're better than they really.

The other part of me wants to buy an XB1 so I can pwn all the noobs who will be playing this.