To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: The Tele Not a big fan of the telephone, fyi. I spent the afternoon on the phone calling various people — including companies here about various stuff, a company about a busted DVD player still under warranty and my bank. Always get slightly stressed out when I have call folks. Telemarketing or teleservices seem like a brutally hard jobs. Really don't know how those folks do it, how they have the stomach for it. What you missed last night Holy Snot! Xbox 360 Tops Home Console Sales In Japan Monster Hunter 3 Is Playable At TGS (Look At It) White Knight Chronicles Officially Dated For Japan! Pokemon Platinum Almost Sells A Million In Two Days Nintendo Holding Fall 2008 Press Conference The 360 Is Holding id's Rage Back (Update) Sonic 2 HD Tech Demo Released, Requires Serious Blast Processing EA To Loosen Spore Install Restrictions, Reveals Sampling of Spore Activations