Handsome Manga Artist Injured Himself During *Coughs* Masturbation

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As far as male manga artists go, Pikupikun is considered a dreamboat. Pikupikun, who draws erotic manga, plays up his looks, frequently uploading photos of himself in the shower, in revealing outfits, or just cosplaying in dresses.


No wonder he's developed a sizable following with female readers. But sorry ladies, Pikupikun's work won't appear in the April issue of Pinky magazine. It seems Pikupikun has injured himself. While pleasuring himself.

The magazine's publisher, Bunkasha, passed along an apology via Twitter, stating that Pikupikun was stricken with laceration on penis during "furious masturbation".


Because of this misfortune, Pikupikun missed his deadline, and his work won't be in print for the April Pinky. The manga artist has not updated his blog since Feb. 8.

"We do expect him to return for the next issue," tweeted the publisher. "From here on, masturbation is prohibited before deadlines." Noted!

お詫び [ほんわら&みこ半編集部 via 萌えオタクニュース速報]

(Top photo: ピクピクンぶろぐ)

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This is obviously not game related, but its still funny!