Garters & Ghouls is a fun little adventure game that puts you in control of recently deceased débutante Marie Dupois as she fights her way through the horrors of The Thrum on the hunt for her still living husband.

I had a chance to play through a a hefty chunk of the Big Blue Bubble developed and Namco published iPhone game recently. You control Marie by moving around a virtual thumbstick in the bottom left corner of the screen. Another virtual thumbstick in the bottom right, controls which direction she is shooting.

The game is a fairly straight-forward isometric shooter with attention paid to the detailed graphics and steampunk weapons. That's right, you'll be ridding the world of ghouls, zombies, werewolves with a crossbow, steam-powered machinegun and other nifty non-existent Victorian weapons.

The game is fairly simple, at least the bit I plaid, but it's also quite a bit of fun and frighteningly addictive.

No word on the price yet, but this iPhone game seems like it will be worth picking up when it hits the App Store in the near future.

Big Blue Bubble