Kids today don't know their anime โ€“ it's all Naruto this and One Piece that. And don't even get me started on Death Note. Remember when Dragon Ball Z was the only anime we got on Cartoon Network? And it had that really lousy dub with the "It's over 9000" line that will live in meme infamy? There was also a time when Dragon Ball Z: Budokai was the only anime fighting game we had in North America. You remember it โ€“ that chunky PS2 game with the taunt button and the airborne battles. It got mixed reviews, but sold well enough to justify several sequels, including the reincarnated Burst Limit on next-gen consoles. And now, because developer Dimps has moved onto bigger and better things Sonic Unleashed Wii level designing, they've decided to come back with a last hurrah โ€“ Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World.A pastiche of all the Budokai games (even the the PSP Shin Budokai titles), Infinite World features the best of the combat features and the frenetic fighting style the series is famous for. So finally we get the aura dash and the doge and weave all in the same game โ€“ plus the capsule system has returned, so you can customize your characters' move set. They even got the original Japanese voice actors and the second-gen dub voice actors to reprise their roles. Thought I don't know how happy I am about that โ€“ I liked the first generation of dubbers, when Piccolo sounded like a chain smoker and Frieza didn't have laryngitis. In addition to versus mode, the story mode (called Dragon Mission) also features minigames that play more like platformers . I got to watch Goku tear down Snake Way towards King Kai's mini-planet, trying to pick up power-ups without falling off into hell home for infinite losers. There are also race-attack and time-attack levels and a button-mashing exercise in the hyperbolic time chamber. Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World has over 40 characters (not counting evolved forms) and will the plot of the anime from Raditz's arrival through the animated abortion that is GT.

Seriously, how many of you have seen the anime? I'm pretty sure that's why Dimps went all-out with story cutscenes โ€“ they're assuming the core audience is too jacked up on everyone's favorite orange-clad ninja to even know who Vegeta is. The game's out this November. Here, have some screenshots: