Alten8 turns popular current-generation hits into handheld LCD games in Squibs Arcade, coming soon to WiiWare.

Sure, you can't play Gears of War on your Wii, but you'll soon be able to go a few rounds in Gun Cogs, one of the eleven handheld LCD tributes to today's hottest titles coming to WiiWare as part of Alten8's Squibs Arcade. What is Squibs Arcade?

SQUIBS ARCADE takes inspiration from the current generation of AAA titles, distilling the game play to its most fundamental form, and re-imagining them with the style and passion of the classic LCD games.

As you can see in the gallery below, Alten8 has most of their bases covered. Assassin's Creed becomes Crowd Wader, Metal Gear Solid is channeled through Cardboard Axel Much, Wii Fit morphs into We're Fat, and Grand Theft Auto becomes Jack A Motor.

Other titles included in Squibs Arcade include Clown, Button Basher, Fantasy Turn Base, Call of Honour, Lots of Levelling, and Regret the Fist, most of which carry their inspirations in their names.

I absolutely love this idea. Companies often talk of distilling gameplay down to its purest form. It doesn't get much more pure than a handheld LCD game.