Hand Made Devil May Cry Cosplay That GLOWS

Not only is that Devil May Cry 4 Nero costume totally handmade, it's totally function. That's right, reader Hawaiian_spawn has even made a Devil Bringer that glows in the dark. Hit the jump for a look at that — Hawaiian_spawn points out that it is not photoshopped at all. Oh! If you notice the sign, Hawaiian_spawn and Zaya_Spif are a cosplaying couple. "I thought it would have been better to pose together but she chose separately," he told us. Here is what's going on: Dress-up like a game character (any game character is okay!) and send along a picture of you holding up a Kotaku sign to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom with the subject line Cosplay Contest. Please do not send photos of Kotaku signs Photoshopped in. The deadline is November 1st. The winner will be selected by Kotakuland and get this helmet. Everyone will get INTERNET FAME.


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