For the past week, some people in Japan have been buying McDonald’s hamburgers and piercing them with drinking straws.

The name of this meme is called “drink x hamburger” (ハンバーガーxドリンク or hanbaagaa x dorinku) or “hamburger straw” (ハンバーガー ストロー or hanbaagaa sutoroo). Everyone isn’t doing this (yet!), but there are enough for the trend to be recently covered on 2ch, Japan’s biggest online bulletin board, as well as on other popular Japanese blogs.

There’s a slight variation on it with people putting McDonald’s breakfast food through straws.

It looks like this has spread to at least one person outside Japan.

Maybe it will spread some more. If you think this looks familiar, that’s because it’s apparently inspired by an earlier donut drink trend.

Which explains this fan art.

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