Halo Wedding Ring Ends In Tense Warthog Escape

Illustration for article titled emHalo/em Wedding Ring Ends In Tense Warthog Escape

Reader Mike is getting married next year (congratulations, Mike!), and he is one organised man. He's already got his wedding ring picked out. You might like it.


He took his idea to custom ring joint Boone, who through the magic of lasers were able to put a detailed recreation of Halo's original...Halo on both the outside and inside of Mike's titanium ring.

It does not play the famous choral theme to the game because, well, it doesn't need to. It's implied that'll play in his head every time he puts it on. Or even looks at it.

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My wife found someone to make my wedding band from Drake's ring (Uncharted). It's amazing and the exact ring I wanted! The ring is modeled both inside and outside.