We knew that Microsoft was expanding their internal Halo team, but are we sure what platform the next Halo will appear on? A job listing posted back on August 22nd suggests that Microsoft might be aiming for the next generation consoles for the next major Halo release. The Program Manager job listing, posted late last month around the time of the Corrinne Yu hiring, puts heavy stress on the words "next generation".

Microsoft's new Halo Studio team is looking for a technical and highly talented program manager to work with an engineering team to help define the next generation of gaming software technology. As part of a next generation team, you'll be instrumental in helping to lead the development of the engine that will power future experiences for the next generation of gaming platforms.


It fits, really. I mean, you don't start building a team this late if you expect a major title to be done within the next year or two, so a new Halo on a new console makes sense. Hit the link to see the full job app. Microsoft: Program Manager [Microsoft Careers - Thanks Kay!]

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