Halo’s Creators Pass the Bungie.net Baton to 343 Industries on March 31st

Bungie's not making Halo games anymore. That's not news. But they've still been administering the servers which hold all that precious multiplayer data. Y'know, the place where all your Forge maps and deathmatch stats live. However, the studio just announced that their stewardship of Halo data will end on March 31st, as the final part of a transition that's been happening since last summer.

343 Industries—the internal Microsoft division that's overseeing the hit sci-fi FPS franchise and making Halo 4—will be managing all the live data for past and future games. A move like this was to be expected but is still rather jarring as it represents the cutting of the final ties between Master Chief's games and the studio created them. Hopefully, this is a sign that we'll be hearing about Bungie's top-secret Activision project soon.


Final Transition for Bungie.net Halo Services

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