Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah In LEGO Form

There might not be official Halo LEGO sets, but with its size, builder Nick Brick's fan-build of the UNSC Savannah from Halo: Reach probably would be the crown jewel of such a series.

Check out his gallery of the ship:


And you can see the additional Sabre and Pelican ships in detail in the builder's video below:

Lego Halo Reach UNSC Savannah [YouTube, imgur via r/lego]

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I love Reach to death. It's my favorite Halo in both campaign and multiplayer, but the scene with the Savannah has always bothered me. Once Noble 6 and crew are inside and the Pelican with George and the drive are en route, it made no sense for them to stick around and go ship to ship with a fucking cruiser. No more escorts, limited travel and being out gunned but they're going to provide "support"?

I guess it was for some dramatic flair but the more I thought about it the more I thought how stupid it was. It's like, ok we get it, pretty much everything and everyone on Reach gets destroyed but you don't have to kill EVERYONE trying to fight the good fight. The ship could have easily backed off once people were inside, especially considering the actual mission of what they were trying to do with the Cruiser and Super Carrier.