Halo Players Spent Five Years Trying To Get Into An Empty Room

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This is the most amazing, and also the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day.

Since the release of Halo: Reach in 2010, hardcore players have been trying to get into a room. Specifically, the Banshee Rooms in the hangar of Long Night of Solace level. They look like this:

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No, there’s nothing in these rooms. There’s no secret, no easter egg in there. These players just wanted to find a way to get in there, because it was considered impossible to do.

Well, a few days ago, a few Halo trick jump artists from a group called Termacious Trickocity finally managed to do it...and the set-up required to get a character into these rooms is really elaborate:

To recap: getting into that empty room requires players to fly to the hangar, overloading the map until someone spawns without a vehicle, eliminating enemies in a very specific way, activating a cutscene in a specific way, pushing a ship into the docking station, destroying everything but said ship, proceeding to kill a lone enemy, running to a checkpoint, getting another player into the hangar via ship, running into the hangar so the person in the ship loads outside the ship, getting back into the ship, flipping the ship, and ejecting into the room.

All to get in here:

“We have been trying to get in there, on and off since the game came out,” Aaron Sekela, one of the members of Termacious Trickocity, told me over email.

“The reason we tried to get in there is kind of for the accomplishment,” Sekala said. He told me that his group is on the look out for things that have never been done before, and getting into this room fell into that.


“It’s kind of like a puzzle to us and we just try to figure it out,” Sekala said.

“Almost a year ago we figured out how to fly the Seraphs and Banshees in space. Around the same time we figured out we could use this to flip through the ground or solid objects, we used that method earlier in the mission to get into another place. So we just took what we knew and applied it to this area.


“It took a little bit of time to put the pieces together to make the plan work but we were happy to get it done in the end.”

I am in awe of the dedication required to figure this out. The players had to bend the game to their will to get into this room—and they’re the only people in the world that can say they’ve been in there. Aside from Bungie, probably.



all this video reminded me of was how much i love halo reach. time to play that again soon.