Halo Legendary Maps Are Xbox 360's "Deal Of The Week"

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If you've waited this long to grab Halo 3's "Legendary Map Pack," you're probably waiting for a deal. Thankfully, one has come in the form of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week.


Dropping from the already reduced price of 600 Microsoft Points, the trio of maps — Avalanche, Blackout and Ghost Town — can be yours for a mere 400 Microsoft Points. That's if you're a Xbox Live Gold member, which you really should be if you're paying money for multiplayer maps.

The deal kicks off tomorrow worldwide. Happy mapping!

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week [MajorNelson.com]

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Even 400 points can't get me. It's tempting, but I'll continue to resist. $60.00 for a game = free maps or sticking to the maps that shipped with the game. $40.00 game at launch? That equals $20.00 of multiplayer goodness in the form of downloadable content. I never have and never will pay more than $60.00 for a game and all future content. Considering games had dropped to $40 just before the 360 was released and we were slapped with a $20 next-gen tax, I'd say this is fair.