Halo-Inspired Anti-Smoking Ad

Honestly this anti-smoking message from the folks at Tobacco Free Florida could be channeling any future FPS, but I like to imagine it is Master Chief sneaking a smoke, and that it's opening his helmet in an alien atmosphere that kills him rather than the cigarette itself. Habit gets so ingrained that you often do it without thinking. I once lit up in my cubicle at work back when I did telephone tech support, and nearly got fired for it. Is absent-mindedly exposing yourself to the poisonous air on an alien world that much of a leap? I think not.

Video Game Florida Anti-Tobacco Ad [YouTube via GamePolitics]

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I like how one person suggested that smoking should be banned and accidentally aggro'd politics wank.

Also, no decent game would end a level with you outside the enemy base.

@kojirodensetsu: The curved, blue HUD? The round radar in the bottom left? The ammo counter on top right? The gun that's nearly identical to the Spartan Laser? None of that looks like Halo to you?