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Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Is Adding Better Challenges That Are Perfect For The New Playlists

343 Industries continues to work on reducing the 'friction' players might find when progressing through the battle pass

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A screenshot from Halo Infinite of one energy-sword-equipped Spartan about to cut up another, unsuspecting rifle-doned Spartan.
With you as my last kill, I’ll complete the energy sword challenge. Come here!
Screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

In a new Halo Infinite update released today, developer 343 Industries is again tweaking the way battle pass challenges operate. This time, the first-person arena shooter will see an assortment of new challenges introduced, while some existing ones are being removed, all in an effort to alleviate the frustration players have been expressing over battle pass progression since the game surprise-launched on November 15.

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343 posted a blog on Halo Waypoint, the franchise’s official website, outlining what players can expect when updating Halo Infinite on PC or Xbox. First, several “mode and activity-specific challenges” have either had their requirements reduced, been removed entirely, and/or seen a decrease to their weight across the battle pass pool. Meanwhile, the weight of “general” challenges has been increased, meaning you should gain a bit more experience when completing them.


Coinciding with the playlist update that adds Slayer and other game modes are new battle pass challenge types directly tied to them. Of course, the amount of experience points you gain will depend on the rarity, so a “legendary” challenge will net you more XP than a “normal” one will. You get the picture. Check out the list of playlist-specific challenge types below:

  • Personal Score – Accumulate personal score in the specified playlist to complete
  • Kills – Earn the required # of kills in a specific playlist
  • Double Kills – Earn double kills in a specific playlist
  • Complete Games – Play and complete games in a specific playlist
  • Win – Win games in a specific playlist

Lastly, event challenges will get extended. So, for example, Fracture: Tenrai’s event challenges will appear more frequently when it returns on January 4. 343 also explained that while the challenges will still have a time limit, the maximum number of challenges players can complete in a week will be increased to “provide more buffer and let highly engaged players progress a bit faster.” This is all good news, particularly considering how glacial the battle pass progression system still is to some.


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There’s still more work to do, with 343 acknowledging that community demands for better performance-based XP and more per-match XP are “going to take time.” Still, it seems that, with this level of attention being paid to it, the battle pass will eventually turn out just fine.