Hope also pointed out that 343 did not restore every jump that was removed. For instance, an electrical box on Live Fire, which players once used as a shortcut to reach the central part of the map, is purely cosmetic now.

But on the flip side, some jumps that were briefly purged are even easier to see. A narrow ledge on Aquarius, for instance, now has a yellow pipe next to it. Without the pipe, a casual player could look at the ledge and immediately write it off as part of the visual background. But with the yellow indicator, that player’s curiosity is stoked. It’s Video Games 101. You see a bright yellow thing, you wanna jump on it. It’s all part of that eternal developer quest for balance: ensuring that the game remains fun for the most devoted fans without alienating casual players in the process.

In this week’s patch notes, 343 simply said that “Various skill jumps that relied on small props or thin ledges have been restored to the following maps” without explaining further. I expect players will spend the coming days and weeks hunting for all of the minor changes the studio may have introduced.


This week’s update also adds a number of minor changes. In the campaign, the “scorpion gun,” an exploit that gives you access to an unlimited-ammo tank cannon, is restored. (Speedrunners, rejoice!) And, for the dozens of us who actually wear this season’s new Rakshasa armor kit in multiplayer, your leg should no longer mysteriously vanish at the start of each match.