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Halo Infinite Players Discover Automatic Weapon Is Automatic

The disruptor? Seriously!? What else is automatic?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Spartan holds a commando rifle on the recharge level of Halo Infinite.
Spartan says, c’mon, we just went through this with the commando.
Screenshot: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite launched with a bunch of new-to-the-series weapons, some of which have functions that aren’t immediately apparent. The heatwave can shoot both vertically and horizontally. The mangler deals 117 percent more damage if you’re playing against a pro. And—hopefully you’re sitting down for this—the disruptor, a sidearm that spews electro-charged ammo, is fully automatic.

The revelation is news to some Halo Infinite players, as evidenced by a semi-viral Reddit post expressing shock about the discovery.


“Guys, the disruptor is full auto,” Reddit user -ranmori wrote. “Like, you hold it down and it keeps shooting. Man it’d be crazy if you played, like, 100 hours and only found out today, right? Haha yeah couldn’t be me.”

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Instinct here might prompt snarky response, and indeed some players did exactly that, chiming in with cheeky feedback about how the sentinel beam (basically, a laser beam) and the warthog’s turret (a chaingun) were fully automatic as well. But a good share of the comments, which currently number more than 1,000, express surprise. Some called the whole thread “mind-blowing,” with others saying it “changes everything.” A select few are a bit more self-deprecating, with one self-described disruptor fan going so far as to say, “I’m an idiot.”

Folks needn’t be so down in the dumps. In fairness, if you hop right into Halo Infinite, the disruptor’s fully auto bona fides aren’t mentioned front and center, even if you mess around with the weapon drills training sessions. And there’s historical precedent at play. Halo’s sidearms have typically been semi-automatic weapons. The impulse, if you’ve been playing Halo for a while, is to hammer the right trigger with every shot.


I can’t say it took me 100 hours, but I certainly didn’t know about the disruptor’s hidden power until a friend told me, oh, a month or so ago, radically changing how I used the gun. (The previously insurmountable “Get 10 kills with the disruptor in PvP” challenge became eminently surmountable.) Based on the chatter, I’m not alone—nor is the disruptor the only surprisingly full-auto weapon throwing Halo Infinite players for a loop.

A bulldog shotgun floats over a blue table in Halo Infinite.
The bulldog—clearly a shotgun...right?
Image: 343 Industries

“It took me a while to figure out the bulldog was full auto but this one really got me,” Reddit user Classics22 said, in response to the original thread.

“...The Bulldog is full auto?” -ranmori asked.

Yeah. I know. I’m just as surprised as you—and everyone else.

Look. I play a lot of Halo Infinite, and only just last night discovered the bulldog, a replacement for Halo’s shotgun, has a rapid-fire mode. (The gun’s official description in weapon drills is “fast-firing,” not automatically firing, okay?) While a few friends and I were grinding out fiesta challenges for that final weekly challenge, one was all like, “Wait, did you guys know the shotgun is automatic?” to universal shock in the Discord.

A bunch of reddit users freak out over the bulldog's rapid fire mode in Halo Infinite.
A small sampling of Halo Infinite players losing their minds over the bulldog’s auto-fire mode.
Screenshot: Reddit / Kotaku

Neither the bulldog nor the disruptor are the first time Halo Infinite’s community has reacted with shock at a weapon’s unexpected rapid fire rate. Typically, when Halo players come to Infinite for the first time, they’re caught off-guard by the commando. See, it looks a whole, whole lot like the DMR—a semi-auto rifle that’s been a series staple for some time but is totally absent in Halo Infinite—right down to the scope. If you’ve used the DMR, you’ll probably try to use the commando the same way: as a mid-range, single-shot rifle. But nope. It’s rapid-fire (though you’ll find better luck if you limit your shots to brief bursts).


So it got me wondering about what other oblique weapons might continuously fire when you hold down the trigger, which led me to test out the entirety of Infinite’s arsenal. For instance, the pulse carbine? Yep, that’s auto-firing! The heatwave and stalker rifle are not, for which we should all thank 343. But the hydra, a missile launcher that first appeared in Halo 5, is apparently fully automatic. Hey, maybe I’ll finally start getting kills with it.