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Halo Infinite Glitch Allows For Campaign Couch Co-op

343 Industries hasn’t officially added the feature yet but this glitch makes it possible–with some serious limitations

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Spartan together strong.
Gif: NobleActual

Halo Infinite may have launched without the series’ ever-popular co-op feature, but an innovative player has discovered a glitch that makes playing locally with a friend possible, albeit in a limited capacity.

A YouTuber named NobleActual posted a video on Twitter yesterday demonstrating the success of a Halo Infinite glitch that allows you to play local co-op in the game’s campaign ahead of 343 Industries’ official launch of the feature. In the video, two players can be seen standing on the surface of Zeta Halo, one moving and crouching in the other’s field of view. As with most glitches, specific conditions must be met in order to finish the fight with your friend by your side. Luckily, NobleActual included the steps necessary to repeat the glitch for other eager co-op players.


The first step is to set Halo Infinite’s status to offline. Next, connect your second controller and sign into an Xbox account. After that, start a campaign with your first controller. Once you’re in the game, hit start, back out, and then hit start with the second controller and add yourself to the fireteam. And voilà, a grassroots version of Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign, though it does come with some significant limitations.


Although this glitch allows for some good old-fashioned couch co-op ahead of 343 Industries’ official implementation of the feature sometime next year, player two will be severely limited in terms of how their game will look and what they will be allowed to do during the campaign. For example, the second player will be playing without a HUD. Seasoned players who routinely use game-altering Skulls like the Blind Skull, which removes the game’s HUD, might find this caveat to be a feature rather than a limitation.

Other limitations include having broken lighting and not being able to progress in the story campaign or use the UNSC Forward Operating Bases. Also if either player dies, the game will “lock up” and players will have to go back to the main menu. Sadly, this nifty glitch doesn’t work on PC or allow for online co-op play.


Despite all the caveats that come with playing co-op in this fashion, it’s impressive that Halo players were resourceful enough to experiment with the game and find a workaround to make it possible before the developers officially add the feature to the game.