Halo Fan Builds 25,000-Brick Frigate Out Of LEGO

Steve Witt has spent the last five years building a Paris-class UNSC heavy frigate from Halo that is over seven feet long.


That’s over two metres! And it weighs 112lbs, or 51kgs! Here’s a shot of Steve working on it for scale.

Steve’s a friend of the wonderful Brothers Brick, who have a full interview and extensive gallery up of the creation, which is just so incredibly detailed.

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I never played any Halo games so I can’t say I really recognize this ship, but there seems to be quite a lot of Sulaco DNA in its general design and appearance...

Not a criticism, mind you. It’s a cool-looking ship, and a hell of a Lego build. The patience to spend half a decade on it though, wow! :)

I wish I could afford a hobby like that.