Halo and Chrono Trigger Collide In the Newest Episode of Super Gaming Quiz

Illustration for article titled iHalo/i and iChrono Trigger/i Collide In the Newest Episode of Super Gaming Quiz

Current games! Retro games! Terrible games! Gaming podcasts are nothing new, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one like Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo.


Just to be upfront, the podcast I’m about to promote was created and is hosted by yours truly. It’s a labor of love, and I thought the fine readers of Kotaku might enjoy it. Don’t worry, I don’t get paid for clicks or anything shady like that. It’s a podcast still very much in its infancy.

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo was born from my love of both gaming and trivia podcasts. And since it didn’t seem like anyone else was stupid enough to combine the two I set out to do so. Each episode a co-host and I quiz contestants and special guests on two gaming topics. We even send them a terrible old video game in the mail if they get enough correct. How’s that for a grand prize?


We’ve covered everything from Zelda and Final Fantasy to Ace Attorney and Star Fox in our short history. Our most recent episode is focused on two beloved series - Halo and Chrono Trigger. We also get to talk to editor/author Gabe Durham about his work on Boss Fight Books and the silliness of the infamous Bible Adventures title for the NES. So take a load off and take a listen.

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo can be found on Soundcloud or on iTunes (if you’re more of an Apple person). As we are constantly attempting to improve the show any feedback is welcome.

If you enjoy listening to well versed nerds talk about gaming I also highly recommend the Splitscreen podcast, which is hosted by Kotaku’s own Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton.

Ben is an exceptionally tall freelance writer and author hailing from Indianapolis. He is the current co-host of the gaming history podcast Memory Card and is likely replaying Banjo-Kazooie right now.

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Babak Abrishamchian

Holy crap this IS TAY's hostile takeover of Kotaku isnt it?