Halo 3: ODST Gets A 360 Bundle

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Not a Modern Warfare man? Maybe you're a Halo man. Or lady! If so, you might be interested in this Halo 3: ODST hardware bundle.


It contains a 120GB Xbox 360 Elite, controller (curiously, not an ODST controller), a copy of Halo 3: ODST, a copy of Halo 3 and access to the Halo: Reach beta.

It's due later this month, and so far, has only been announced for PAL territories, with prices ranging from €280 in continental Europe (USD$410) to 4,228 Rand in South Africa (USD$574).



why is halo 16+ in the states? Its only M15+ in Australia (as opposed to MA15+ the closest equivalent of 16+ in the US). There's virtually no gore and the majority of the violence can be considered fantasy violence. Is it the religious component? I heard the matrix was R18+ in the states!! (M15+ in Australia). Whats up with this?

edit: just realized this was a Europe bundle. Reading comprehension for the loss =(. Anyway, the states' halo is still like 16/18+ right? whats up with that? The most violence in the game is some blue blood spraying from aliens, clearly no reason to restrict it to people over 18 (many of whom would have legally seen movies at lower ratings with far more violent scenarios).