Halo 3 Coming To Windows... Confirmed?

Reader Simon wrote in to us this weekend to let us know that he'd received an e-mail, one targeted at "subscribers to the MS download email service", that listed Halo 3 as one of the downloadable demos that take advantage of DirectX. Does that mean that Halo 3 is confirmed for a Games For Windows release? Not so fast, pal. Sure, it's entirely possible, given that Halo and Halo 2 both made the Xbox 360 to PC jump about two years after their respective console releases. And, sure, games like Gears of War have been inadvertently "announced" for the Windows platform in marketing materials, but you're really jumping to conclusions here. You think Microsoft is going to let something like this leak? After all, only about 98.44% of Microsoft-based rumors are true. We're following up with the company to get our sweet taste of carefully worded denial right now.


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