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Halo 3 Comes To PC July 14

Illustration for article titled iHalo 3/i Comes To PC July 14
Screenshot: Microsoft

Eyes up, space marines: 13 years after it landed on console, Halo 3 is finally coming to PC. As announced by the official Halo Twitter account, it’ll be available next Tuesday as the next installment of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


Halo 3 is the capstone of the original Halo trilogy. The second game, if you’ll recall, featured one of gaming’s great cliffhangers. After hitching a ride across space, only to get rudely queried as to what the hell he thinks he’s doing, Chief responds, “Finishing this fight.” Cut to black. The third game is all about, well, finishing the fight (until 343 Industries found a way to restart the intergalactic beef). But c’mon. The real draw of Halo 3 is, and always has been, the multiplayer. Here’s hoping it holds up. (Prediction: it will.)

This news is in advance of an upcoming Xbox Series X games showcase. Scheduled for July 23, Microsoft plans to show 0ff first-party games, including the next chapter of Master Chief’s adventure, Halo Infinite. The Covenant should watch their backs. Or Cortana? Honestly, who knows what Chief’s been up to these days. Halo 5 was confusing.


Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Has it been 13 years already? I remember it coming out in highschool and it truly felt like the end of an era. The ad campaign with the dioramas was pretty damn good paired up with that legendary Martin O’Donnell score. Any random thought: Did anyone else try the Halo 3 citrus slurpees?