Halfbrick Mixes Zombies And Time Travel

Australian developer Halfbrick attempts to stand out in the undead crowd with Age of Zombies, a time-travelling zombie-killing adventure, coming February 25th to PSP and PlayStation 3 minis.

In an industry chock full of games involving zombies, how does one small developer stand out? Well I suppose this post helps. Other than that, Halfbrick is giving time travel a try, mixing brain-hungry undead horses with Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs in order to freshen up the concept. Why not simply avoid zombies altogether? According to the official announcement, money might have something to do with it.

"There's no denying it. Zombie games make money. No one has anything against a good zombie game really, it's just that there's a lot of them. So we needed to try something different. We didn't want to kill zombies in the usual way. We didn't want to survive a deadly undead army in the ruins of some scary-ass town. We wanted to travel through time and shoot zombie dinosaurs and mummies and junk. So, we created Age of Zombies!"


There's a story behind the game, with hero Barry Steakfries implementing time portals to halt the nefarious schemes of Professor Brains, but what really matters is shooting zombies while trying to forget that a developer thought that Barry Steakfries was a good name for anything.

Age of Zombies is due out on February 24th for $4.99.


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