Half the People Who Got BioShock Infinite on Steam Have Finished It. Not True for That Walking Dead Shooter

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Can we judge the quality of a video game by the number of people who finish it? Probably not, since I've met many a people who just loooove Shadow of the Colossus and never reached the fourth Colossus. Nevertheless, that PC gaming service Steam allows us to determine which games people bother to finish.


Take BioShock Infinite, one of the best-reviewed games in years. If you finish it on any difficulty, ou earn an Achievement called "Tin Soldier." This morning, I checked Steam and—what do you know?—49.9% of Steam players got that Achievement.

Only 1.2% of Steam players got the "Auld Lang Syne" Achievement for finishing the game in the ultra-hard 1999 mode.


BioShock Infinite is only a couple of weeks old, so it's possible that the completion percentage will rise. But maybe getting half your players to finish your game is an achievement?

I checked the Achievements for the new Tomb Raider, which is a couple of weeks older than Infinite. The studio behind the Lara Croft reboot got 50.0% to finish their game.

But what if we go to games that people say were bad?

Aliens Colonial Marines, for example, which takes about five hours to finish? 42.7%.


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which also takes about four and a half hours? Well, that game is in four acts. You get an Achievement for finishing the third act, and that Achievement has been attained by...27.1% of the game's Steam owners. Yikes. More evidence that it is, in fact, worse than Aliens!

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So non-finishers, wtf is wrong with you exactly? I have a buddy who is one of your kind. He buys the same games I buy, at midnight launches. He plays the game for a week or two, gets about halfway through, then sells the game back to gamestop. He then repeats this cycle of buying, not finishing and selling games back.

Now here is the kicker, he claims to have "played" these games and to have enjoyed playing them. I know that he puts in 10-20 hours into games, but he is completely and entirely content to only see half of a game and never finish the games he buys.

So what is it, is this some kind of fear of commitment thing? You afraid of reaching the end of a game? How can you possibly be willing to spend 10+ hours investing yourself into a game world and so easily and carelessly leave it unfinished forever?

You can't be so busy with real life that you never finish games. What about the first half of the game? You played that fine, so why is the second half that much more impossible to finish? Do you have a short attention span and lose interest in every game you play?

This is not to sound rude either, but multiple game studios have released metrics showing that only about 50% of people finish games, so my question to the other 50%, wtf is going on?