Half-Life & BioShock Come Together In A Very Strange Mod

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Screenshot: Return to Rapture

Return to Rapture is a “campaign” made for Half-Life: Alyx that takes Valve’s star and drops her into the completely unrelated first-person world of 2007's BioShock.


There’s a “plot” to explain this—basically, the Combine have found Rapture—but in essence you’ll be using the same controls and VR stuff you did in Alyx, against the same enemies, only this time it’ll be taking place inside BioShock.

It features an original soundtrack, and there’ll be some BioShock-type stuff to mess around with too, like audio logs, vending machines and even working vita chambers.

It’s available to download now from the Steam workshop.

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Martin Drkos

Cool, thought when I saw this I was hoping for plasmids. Looks like standard weapons and that zappy hand thing from the end of the game. I’ll have to check it out.