Half a Move

To: Crecente
From: Crecente

Tomorrow I move, but you know that, since you will be there. Actually, it's not a full move, it's a partial move. We're having people come in to move a bunch of our furniture and packed boxed to a storage facility nearby. That way it will be a bit less cluttered when we place the house up for sale in the next week or two.


So Saturday I'll be splitting my time with movers and keeping an eye on the site as Owen makes his way back to Oregon from some meetings he had in the San Francisco area this week.

Oh! I'm also about to head out to go catch Tristan in his first school play. He will be taking on the role of "the child" in his school's adaption of The Emperor's New Hair. I have high hopes.

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First thing that came to my mind.

I love that movie.