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Guy With Gun: "Only PS3 Can Save My Family"

Illustration for article titled Guy With Gun: Only PS3 Can Save My Family

Just outside St. Louis, a man robbed an EB Games store a gun point (pictured). The man walked into the shop, picked out a game, and pulled a small handgun on the clerk. Here's the kooky part: He told the clerk that his family was being held hostage and needed a PS3 to set them free. Then, the man told the clerk to call the police after he left the store because his family needed help. Well, that's original. And crazy. Police: Man Steals Playstation 3, Says It's to Save His Family [KSDK via PS3 Fanboy]


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I think it'd be totally awesome if you managed to get a gun out, point it accurately, and shoot the guy holding your family hostage before know...shot your kid.

Not everyone is willing to risk that little factor you know. And we also have to assume that he froze time so he could accurately think about it instead of relying on instincts of keeping his family safe. :\

But again, it'd be totally awesome to see how you pull off saving your family, probably held at gunpoint, with a gun you have to get out first.

Mini rant aside....I think this man's totally guilty. :P