Guy Uses Dog Shock Collar To Keep His Video Game Rage In Check

Well, this is certainly one way to deal with gamer rage.

Martin "AmbossTV" Rabl has a habit of getting mad at Fifa 15. A little too mad. As someone who suffers from the occasional bout of flailing, wailing gamer rage, I can identify. Rabl's solution? A shock collar—yes, the kind intended to keep dogs from barking—that gives him a quick jolt when he gets too loud. It looks... uncomfortable.


The collar also shocks him when he laughs, so the plan isn't exactly fool-proof. But hey, if you have trouble containing your simmering volcano of a temper, this is certainly a way to put things in perspective. There are worse things than losing in a video game—for instance, painful electric currents pinging around in your most precious of tissues. Also losing in two video games.

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...Can we make this mandatory for all online gamers?

And maybe forum people too?