Guy Swatted In Front Of 60,000 Viewers While Playing Runescape

Joshua Peters, a US Air Force vet who hangs out on Twitch playing video games, was the victim of a swatting hoax last week, during which his home was stormed and the police reportedly pointed guns at his brothers.


Streaming as Koopatroopa787, Peters had around 60,000 people watching him play Runescape when the raid took place. You can see the moment his mother tells him what's going on in the video below.

"I see you posting my address", Peters later says on his stream. "I had police point a gun at my little brothers because of you. They could have been shot, they could have died because you chose to SWAT my stream. I don't give a s*** about what you have against me, or what I did to you. For that, I am at a loss for words. Your gripe is with me so let it be with me and do not involve my family in any way, shape or form with this. They don't deserve that."

Peters told ABC News (via Game Politics) that he wasn't aware of anyone with a "beef" against him.

"It was more or less a wake-up call that I have to be careful. It can happen to anybody," he said. "I came back on after and told everyone what was going on. I knew the person who did it was watching and I wanted to let them know you can't do this."

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sǝuןq ɥɔsʇıʞ

Wow, so how about some law enforcement reform? Don't these people call from anonymous numbers? Like...why would law enforcement act on a tip from an anonymous number about a hostage situation? Like what sort of person would have a credible tip on a hostage situation, and call from an anonymous number? Is law enforcement really this dumb?

It's almost like law enforcement is the embodiment of a caveman swinging his club around at any sort of percieved threat, real or fake.