Guy Plays Pokémon Go In Area 51, Finds Empty Gyms [Update]

We already know that one of the most secretive places on earth probably hides aliens or whatever. Boring. The real question is, what Pokémon can you find at Area 51?

Well, it looks like we finally have an answer to that question. The folks over at Frag Hero took a trip down to Area 51, and you can read about that journey over here. One of the stand-out things they found near Area 51 was that none of the gyms around there had been claimed—so it seems that there are people out there who haven’t succumbed to the Pokemania.


Or maybe that’s what the government wants you to think. 👽👽👽

Anyway, even Area 51 is crawling with monsters, and here’s a taste of some of what Frag Hero found along the way:


So there you have it. Area 51 has Pikachu in it, because of course it does. That fucker is everywhere, which makes sense, considering that Pokémon Go is a government surveillance psyop conspiracy. (JK.) Other monsters found at Area 51 include Primeape, Pidgeot, Arcanine, and Rhyhorn, in case you were curious.


Update 8:25 PM: These guys also went to Area 51 and recorded their adventure...turns out, the Area 51 guards aren’t very friendly!

You can check out more Pokemon Go pictures from Area 51 here.

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