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Guy plays Overwatch's Genji With Wiimote Sword

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ve never seen Genji like this. Louis, a 24-year-old game developer in Texas, recently rigged up a sword-shaped Wiimote to control Genji’s sword in Overwatch.


Using Bluetooth, Louis connected his Wiimote to his PC. A program called Touchmote lets him use his Wiimote like a PC mouse and, “with a little computer science magic (and extra help from the JoytoKey app),” he says, “I was able to start slashing at my enemies.” It works like this, he told me over e-mail:

Wii-mote A Button + “Stab motion” = shift button (Genji’s Dash)
Wii-mote B button + “Slash motion” = Left Click (makes it feel like you’re really slashing people with your Ultimate)
Wii-mote D-Pad = Camera Movement
Nunchuck = Movement and Jumping
Nunchuck + Wii Motion = E button (Genji’s deflect)
Wii-mote “2" button = Q (Ult)


We’ve already seen someone play Overwatch’s Winston with a banana controller and Hanzo with a bow. This Genji Wiimote sword-play, may I say, is sharp.

In the past, Louis says he beat Dark Souls 3 using his DDR dance pads. We were unable to corroborate this, but videos of him trying are sick.