Guy Dressed As Sonic Messes With Cops

In America and Japan, Sonic is a fun-loving hedgehog that loves gold rings, going fast, scarves and occasionally kissing human women. In France? Sonic just wants to see the world burn.

Watch French comedian, prankster and Mario Kart LARPer Rémi Gaillard dress up in a Sonic costume and proceed to screw with everything around him, cops included. You can watch the video here, but be warned that there is some very NSFW that happens after the credits roll. Also, kids and people who don't want their conception of Sonic shattered should probably stop before then, too.


Aside from that, though? Gotta go fast.

Rémi Gaillard via Tastefully Offensive

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dont fuck with cops. this is just stupid. they have better things to do than arrest an asshole dressed as sonic in a ball.