There's a new world record for getting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 quickly—and it's kind of amazing that it happened at all.

Yesterday, a speedrunner known as Nero raced against other speedrunner, Puncayshun. The goal was to see who could get to 120 stars first—that is, to try to beat each other. And despite saving and quitting during his run twice—which added to his overall run time—Nero not only managed to beat Puncayshun, he also got a record time for completion (1:42:15.92). You can watch the entire run here:

According to, the previous record was held by puncayshun, in a run that clocked in at 1:42:32. This new run by nero is an improvement by seconds, but that's all it takes!

EDIT: The headline originally read as 'Guy Breaks Super Mario 64 World Record By Accident.' Some people expressed worry that this downplayed the hard work of speedrunners, instead of conveying the idea this record happened during a casual race. We've tweaked the headline, because that is not our intention.