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Guy Beats Super Mario World In 23 Minutes...While Blindfolded

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fun fact: you don’t actually need to see Mario levels in order to beat them.

Marvel as speedrunner PangaeaPanga clears Super Mario World without actually looking at the game using a combination of good timing, and precise jumps. The entire thing takes a whopping 23:14, which is impressive considering the circumstances at play here:

Kind of nerve-wracking to see someone attempt this, huh? That’s what makes this so fun to watch. My favorite part has to be watching PangaeaPanga go up against bosses—you can almost feel his trepidation while he faces Bowser around the 15 minute mark. Even the chat starts freaking out; it’s great.

It is not a flawless run of course. That’s not the point. In fact I’d go so far as to say that the handful of deaths and mistakes you can occasionally see here add to the authenticity of the whole stunt. Overall, though, it’s pretty damn impressive to see someone pull this off.


Amazingly, PangaeaPanga hasn’t been at it for very long: the YouTube description for the video notes that he started learning how to play while blindfolded on June 16th, with full run attempts starting on June 20th. He’s a quick study, but that’s probably not surprising, considering this is the same guy that beat what’s been called the ‘hardest Super Mario World level ever.’

You can follow PangaeaPanga on Twitch here.