SPOILERS: since he can fade into the shadows, and since there are no other players there to aggro the enemies, there are many instances where Corypheus/enemies just stand there, waiting, not knowing what to do.


It doesn't seem like the game has been programmed to know how to handle being played solo, and that makes sense—most players won't play like this. There's a lot of joy to be found in playing with a party, most notably when it comes to banter. Obviously, players looking for a challenge can find party-less playthroughs to be equally fulfilling, though!

In terms of set-up, this is what he was running on this solo nightmare run:


Death from above, leaping shot, long shot, rolling draw, strafing shots, full draw


Hidden blades, I was never here, throat cutter, knockout bomb, gaps in the armor


Stealth, evasion, evade, ambush


caltrops, looked like it hurt, cheap shot, throwing blades

For people like me, who suck at playing rogues, watching BOYvsVIDEOGAME go through the game like this is instructive. And if nothing else, watching him take on dragons by himself is really entertaining, too. Not only did this player beat Dragon Age solo on the hardest difficulty, they also took out all the dragons in the game this way, too. Here's one of them:


You can check out the entire run here, and all the solo dragon runs here. It's worth noting that rogue archer isn't the only one that can solo through things, in case you wanted to solo Dragon Age with a different class.


Thanks, K Canonizado!